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Rules for Abstract Submission

Please read the submission rules before submitting an abstract.
Abstracts must be submitted online via the website only (

Submission and Presentation Type

  • Abstracts may be submitted for oral or printed poster presentation. The Programme Committee will determine whether the abstract will be accepted for presentation, with consideration given to the author’s preference.
  • Abstracts must be received by the announced deadline. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered.


  • Presenting author must be registered participant. Only abstracts of authors who have paid their registration fees by the Early Registration Deadline will be scheduled for presentation and included for publication.
  • The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract and agree to its submission, before submitting the abstract.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in British English.
  • Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest: Abstract submitters will be required to disclose any conflict of interests in the submission form.

Guidelines for Submission

Before you begin, please prepare the following information.

  • Presenting author’s contact details.
  • Full first and family name(s)
  • Email address
  • Affiliation details: department, institution, city, state (if relevant), country
  • Phone number.
  • Author’s and co-authors’ details

Preferred Presentation type

Oral presentation or E-Poster

Abstract Content

  • Abstract title – must be in UPPER CASE and limited to 150 characters.
  • Abstract text – is limited to 3000 characters including acknowledgements.
  • Abstract topic – select the abstract topic from the list of topics.
    • Please note, that the list of topics refers to settings for children, adolescents, and students
    • Abstracts should clearly state:
      • Background and aims
      • Methods
      • Results
      • Conclusions with Take Home Messages
  • Abstract with case report
    • Case Descriptions Including Health and Education Needs
    • Intervention
    • Take Home Message

Completion of Procedure

You will receive an abstract ID number via email after you have submitted your abstract. Please refer to this abstract number in all correspondence regarding the abstract. Please contact us if you have not received confirmation that your abstract has been submitted.

List of Topics Referring to Settings for Children, Adolescents, Students

  • Early Childhood Interventions
  • Showcasing School Health Services
  • Mental Health
  • Chronic Health Conditions, Including Case Reports
  • Special Needs
  • School Absences & School Health Services
  • Qualification of Health Professionals
  • Health Monitoring – Data for Action
  • Health Promotion & School Health Services
  • Sexuality, Puberty, Diversity
  • Post Pandemic - Impact on Health
  • Intersectoral Collaboration
  • Transition
  • Free Topics

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